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Our Classic Cookie Gourmet Range is available in three different Cookie sizes and in three different sized pack options.

Cafe Classic, which are approximately 70 grams each and are sold in packs of 6 Cookies (approximately 420 grams in total)Chunky Monkey, which are approximately 170 grams each and sold in packs of 2 Cookies (approximately 340 grams in total)Phunky Monkey, which are approximately 225 grams each and also sold in packs of 2 Cookies (approximately 450 grams in total)

To order, simply choose from the different styles and pack sizes we have available below. Then select your choice of flavour from the Drop-Down menu below those. Then add to cart in what ever volume you would like to order.

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Our Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie from our Gourmet Cookie range is a chocolate flavoured Cookie, generously studded with chunks of Belgium Coverture 70% Dark Chocolate throughout to create an intensely chocolate flavoured hit.

About our Gourmet Cookie Range: Put quite simply, there are no better quality Cookies available in the marketplace than what you will find in this range. Only the world’s very best ingredients are used to create these world-class Cookies in our Gourmet range because you can’t get the very best possible out of a Cookie without first putting the very best into them, to begin with.

Now, that certainly doesn’t mean that our other ranges use cheap, nasty, inferior quality products, not at all. Many of the world-class ingredients you will see detailed below also feature in our other ranges., such as our Premium Cookie range.

INGREDIENTS: Imported Belgium Coverture Chocolate, Imported Grass-fed French Butter (browned for maximum flavour). Pure Vanilla Bean Paste, Free Range Eggs, imported Dutch Cocoa Powder, and a combination of quality lighthouse brand Flours

STORAGE: Cookies should be kept chilled and if not consumed within a day or two of receiving the order, should be wrapped well and frozen. Providing the Cookies are wrapped well, they can remain frozen quite safely for up to 3 months. To enjoy after freezing, simply remove from freezer and let thaw at room temp. Alternatively, these Cookies can also be gently heated if preferred but for no more than 2 or 3 minutes maximum or there is a risk of the Cookie texture being altered by the heat, which may affect the eating quality.

ALLERGENS: Contains eggs and may contain traces of nuts.

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