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If you’re interested in reviewing our products online, then let us start by saying … HEY, that’s really cool, and thanks very much for your interest.

So, how can we help?

Well, as it happens, we can help in a few different ways. You see, unlike others who don’t lift a finger to help you out when you’re helping them out with a few words about their products, we’re all about helping those who spread the love about us because we respect the fact that you don’t just dig our cookies but you want to share the good word around.

Now, just to clarify, we DO NOT pay to have our Cookies reviewed, so save yourself the time and effort of asking or even just suggesting, if that’s your game. Paying someone to say something nice about our Cookies isn’t just dishonest to potential customers, it’s also offensive to our own delicate sensibilities to have someone suggest that we would need to pay for positive feedback lol 

Our Cookies are quite capable of speaking for themselves, no cash for comment required!

However, as mentioned, we do have ways of helping out and the very first way in which we can do that is by way of our Mates Rates Discounts.

If you love our Cookies and want to share that love through your Social Media by simply commenting and perhaps sharing a pic, then you may well be able to enjoy our Mates Rates on your next Cookie haul with us.

Mates Rates Discounts – To qualify, you must have at least 50 followers on the platform that you share your love of our Cookies on, It’s that simple. You don’t need to be doing any in-depth review to camera for YouTube, all you have to do is tell others what it is that you love about our Cookies or just one of our Cookies in particular, as well as include a link to our website in your post.

Once done, send us an email with a link to your page with the relevant post for confirmation and we’ll return email you a 5% discount code to use on your next order of Cookies as our way of saying thanks for sharing that love!

No, there is no limit to how many times you can share your opinion on our Cookies through your Social Media, and each time, providing you are writing about different Cookies each time and qualify for the discount, you’ll receive that 5% discount each time.

No, sorry, you can’t just constantly write about one single Cookie over and over!

Reviewer Discount Program – Now, for those who enjoy posting more in-depth video reviews, be it on food in general, on Cookies in particular or pretty much anything at all, and would like to review our Cookies on video, then we have put together our Reviewer Discount Program and that goes a little something like what we have laid out below for you

Basic – Reviewers with under 50 Social Media single platform subscribers –10% discount on your order.  

Bronze – Reviewers that have between 50 and 500 Social Media single platform subscribers – 25% discount on your order 

Silver – Reviewers that have between 501 and 1000 Social Media single platform subscribers – 50% discount on your order 

Gold – Reviewers that have between 1,001 and 5000 Social Media single platform subscribers – 6 pack of Cookies, your choice absolutely FREE, with FREE postage. 

Platinum – Reviewers that have over 5000 Social Media single platform subscribers – Up to one dozen cookies of your choice from throughout the range absolutely FRE, including shipping.

Note, the number of subscribers attached to the discount must be subscribed to the platform that you are going to review the products on. 

After all, you want to get maximum benefit by clocking up views on your review and while we’re an awesome bunch of people that are more than happy to help you in that goal, we aren’t in the business of constantly giving away our Cookies for absolutely nothing 😊 

So, how do you access the savings on offer through our Reviewer Discount Program? 

Simply shoot us an email with your interest in reviewing our Cookies. Include a link to your Social Media platform that you want to review our Cookies on so we can confirm which of our platforms we can offer you to do so and then we’re all good to go! 

For those choosing to do a YouTube review, we’ll also happily repost that review to our own channel for you as well with a link back to you. 


So, let’s fast forward to the point that you’ve received and test-driven your Cookies for your adoring audience. Now, how would you like to turn those delicious Cookies into a delicious ongoing income stream? 

If doing ongoing reviews of Cookies from across our range to drive a generous ongoing commission-based income stream for yourself sounds like something you might well enjoy, then drop us a quick email to register your interest. 

BTW, our affiliate program is open to everyone to participate in, not just reviewers. So don’t be shy, give us a shout-out, and let’s talk!