Hey, you got questions …. we got the answers!

Q. Why do you limit it to 50 orders per week only? A. It’s not our intention to make the most Cookies, it’s our intention to make the BEST Cookies, and to do that, we believe in keeping the focus on what is the most important.

Sure, we could gear up and do more orders but then the focus gets taken away from what is the most important and we’re not interested in letting that happen.

That aside, we put a lot into making a very high-quality product and we want our customers to enjoy the exclusivity of all that effort.

Q. How do I store my Cookies? A. As soon as your order arrives, the Cookies would be refrigerated. If your intention is to not eat the Cookies within a day or two, you can seal them well and place them into the freezer for up to 3 months quite safely.

Sealed correctly, well ensure that the Cookies maintain their integrity. To enjoy, simply defrost and bring back to room temp or, if preferred, once defrosted, you can quickly heat them. See heating instructions per Cookie as different varieties will have different heating times and possibly even methods also, to deliver the best results.

Q. Can I cancel my order? A. You are able to cancel and receive a full refund on your order right up until our order deadline of Friday, 6.00 pm (Brisbane time) Orders are unable to be canceled past this time.

Q. How do I cancel my order? A. To cancel your order, simply email us at phunkmonkeycookies@gmail.com up until our order deadline of Friday at 6.00 pm (Brisbane time), including your order number

Q. is your Raw Cookie Dough safe to eat? A. Completely safe, we use no eggs in our recipe and we use heat-treated flour as an extra layer of safety for our customers.

Q. Can your Raw Cookie Dough be baked into Cookies? A. No, our Raw Cookie Dough contains NO eggs and will not bake up the same as our Cookies. Our Raw Cookie Dough is designed to enjoy as it is, definitely NOT designed to be baked.

Q. Do you ship internationally? A. No, we only ship to residential addresses within Australia via Express Post.

Q. Is there an order deadline for delivery? A. Yes, our order deadline is Friday of each week at 6.00 pm. Orders received by then will be processed for Monday delivery. Orders received after the 6.00 pm Friday deadline will be processed for delivery the following Monday.

Q. If a public holiday falls on a Monday, do you still deliver? A. No, we are unable to ship if the Post Office is not open. In this case, we will readjust our processing time to ensure the orders are baked fresh for a Tuesday delivery?

Q. Why is Monday your preferred shipping day? A. It’s important for us that your order is received as soon as possible and to avoid any possible circumstance of an order getting held up over a weekend. Sure, Monday is clearly taking no chance of that happening at all but we’re all about taking no chances!

Q. Can I order a custom flavour? A. Not at this particular time. However, offering this custom flavour option to customers is something we are most certainly interested in offering and looking at how we can introduce it in the not too distant future.

Q. How often do you add new products? A. Every month, we drop either a new cookie style or flavour or both. If you would like to keep in the loop, you can subscribe to our email and we’ll let you know as soon as the new Cookie drops so you can be one of the first to try it out.