Russian Roulette

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You know how it goes, slide one into the chamber, give the barrel a spin, hold it to your head, pull the trigger, and wait for the BANG!

OK, sure, our version of Russian Roulette doesn’t include any guns but that doesn’t make it any less deadly TO THE TASTEBUDS!

It’s the perfect little game to end the perfect fun dinner party for those that have a mean nasty little sadistic streak in them. Each player receives their weapon, that being a Cookie. However, while each Cookie may well look the same, not all are the same. In fact, one of those deliciously harmless-looking Cookies is fully loaded ………. with CAROLINA REAPER CHILLI POWDER!

Now, of course, it’s up to you as to what type of game you play with Russian Roulette. You can be sugar and spice, an all things nice kinda person and give your guests an idea of the game they are about to partake in or, you can be an evil SOB and give them absolutely no idea whatsoever.

Perhaps just suggest for each one to raise their Cookies and give cheers to a great night by all taking a big bite. Well, if darkness is your middle name, then those cheers will very soon turn to tears as someone bits the bullet that is loaded into that weapon, deliciously disguised as a Cookie.

Trust us, it won’t take long for the rest to catch on as to what is going on among all of the screaming about being on fire. Caroline Reaper is well known to be the hottest chili on the face of the planet and that one Cookie in the group is loaded with it.

How will you know which Cookie it is, so as you can avoid it?

You don’t really think we would make it that easy, do you?

HELL NO, this game is all about one in, all in.

So, how does it work?

Simple, we use our Gourmet Choc Chunk Cookies as the weapons of choice. You simply tell us what flavour you would like, be it Milk Choc, Dark, White or Gold (caramelised white), the amount you would like and we’ll do the rest. Which will include being freshly baking to order and, of course, ensuring one of those delicious Gourmet Choc Chunk Cookies in the pack is fully loaded and fitted with a hair-trigger, set to fire the moment someone takes their very first, and well, possibly last bite!

To order, just drop us an email with Russian Roulette in the Subject Title, include the Choc Chunk flavour and the number of Cookies required in the message section and we’ll conform and invoice you for your order.

For member’s, we are able to mix and match flavours, if required. For example. 6 Choc Chunk in Milk Chocolate, 6 in Dark Chocolate. This gives you the opportunity to really tailor the Cookies to your guest’s tastes.

For regular, non-member customers, we do not mic flavours. Orders must consist of single flavour Choc Chunk Cookies only.