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If you’re a serious Cookie fiend, much as we are ourselves, then our membership has some completely awesome benefits for you to take advantage of, as you will see listed below.

Members Only Menu: Our Members Only Menu gives our members EXCLUSIVE access to a variety of Cookies. These Cookies require a membership code to be entered to be added to the shopping cart.

No Membership Code, no access!

Special Offers: Members get access to exclusive deals, such as, weekly specials on selected Cookies and members-only competitions, that feature some totally awesome prizes for the winners.

Volume Discounts: Members get a 10% discount on their next order when placing an order for at least $50.00. Orders of $75.00 and above get a 25% discount off of their next order.

Priority Drops: Each month we drop either a brand new Cookie style, flavour, or both and while in some cases, some of those Cookies will fall under our Members Only Menu and never be available for regular non-member customers to purchase, those that ultimately will be made available, are limited exclusively for our members to purchase for the first 30 days of listing.

Price of membership, just $35.00 per annum!