Don’t you just love the excitement of getting your cookies in the mail?

Big bright colourful box and labels, maybe some cool colourful marketing material within as well. It all goes towards building the expectation of that moment where you get your first taste of those delicious cookies within.    

Makes perfect sense to package Cookies like that from a marketing perspective, that’s just being smart. However, does it make sense from an environmental perspective?

Well, as with most other things about Phunkmonkey, we take a very different philosophy with our packaging. As we said, we get the excitement factor of the colour packaging but we also understand that all that initial excitement actually ends up in the rubbish very soon after opening, and you’re actually paying for what you are throwing out ….. all that colourful packaging isn’t free, it’s hidden within the price of the Cookies! 

So, when it came to developing our packaging, we posed a very simple question to ourselves. Was it more important to produce exciting colourful packaging to create that sense of excitement for our customers, knowing full well that packaging was going to end up in the rubbish and then onto landfill ultimately OR would we stay true to our philosophy of being as environmentally friendly as possible with our packaging choices?  

Sadly, for some but hopefully, not for most, we chose to stick to our philosophy and rather than create more unwanted waste, all be it very attractive, colourful and exacting waste, we settled on what could only be described as completely boring ENVIRONMENTALLY friendly packaging options instead! 

That choice consists of mostly two options, with the first being our main packaging option, our Foil-Lined Eco-Friendly Box Bottom Bags that we use to package our cookies into. 


The shelf life of these bags is 18 months, if stored away from heat, light, and moistureOnce the 18-month shelf life has expired and the bags have been disposed of correctly, into home composting or into an industrial composting facility, the packaging will break into microscopic flakes within 3 months.  

Exposing the bags to high levels of heat will ensure this process occurs correctly. 

The balance of these flakes will then turn to biomass within 2-3 years, thus creating a bag that degrades some 15-20 years faster than a standard paper bag 

These bags are approved to be home compostable. The oxo-biodegradable additive complies with the Federal, Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDA) C.F.R. Chapter 21, and the Regulation European Union No. 10/2011 

The bags offer excellent barrier protection and food-grade layers to keep our Cookies as fresh as possible for our customers, while still delivering a ZERO waste option, which is perfect for our customers, as well as our environment. 


Used for packaging products such as our Raw Cookie Dough Tubz, Our BioPak Bowls are sourced from managed plantations and coated with Ingeo™ – a bioplastic made from plants, not oil.

Producing the bioplastic cup lining results in 75% less greenhouse gases than the conventional plastic it replaces. A heavy-duty, premium quality board gives the bowls superior stability, better lid fit and insulation.

An environmentally friendly alternative to conventional soup bowls or ice cream bowls.

These bowls and bioplastic lid options have a 12-month shelf life and are compostable in a commercial facility and recyclable in most kerb-side recycling, like milk cartons.

Sure, nothing flash from the outside but we prefer to keep the excitement inside the packaging. We know the environment loves that and we know you will as well, the moment you crack open that bag and get a smell of those delicious Cookies locked away nice and safe inside!