Our Classic Cookie range feature, what many believe to be the traditional style of Cookie, including ourselves. That being slightly crispy on the exterior while remaining soft, moist, and decadently chewy on the inside.

This range is available in a large variety of flavours, in several different sizes and in two different styles, that being GOURMET and PREMIUM. Our GOURMET only uses the very best of world-class ingredients, including but not limited to ingredients such as imported Belgium Coverture Chocolate and French Butter.

In regards to the sizes available in both our GOURMET and our PREMIUM range, we have three different sizes in ll, which are our Cafe Classic (80g) sold in packs of six. Our Chinky Monkey (170g), sold in twin packs, and our Phunky Monkey (225g), also sold in twin packs.

  • Gourmet

    Gourmet (1)

    Our Gourmet range features the world's very best ingredients that we can get our hands-on, there is no messing around here. Anything with Chocolate involved is nothing less than genuine Belgium Coverture Chocolate being used. This range also features free-range eggs, real Vanilla Bean Paste, Grass-Fed Butter imported from France