While our Gourmet range is made with the world’s very best ingredients, our Premium range is still made with exceptional quality ingredients. For example, the same quality flours are used in both, the same free range eggs and the same quality Vanilla Bean Paste as well.

The biggest difference is in the chocolate we use, that is in the Cookies that actually have chocolate in them, to begin with. Rather than using the Belgium Coverture Chocolate, our Premium range is made with quality Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate.

Sure, it’s not Belgium Coverture, of course, but still, one of Australia’s all-time favorite Chocolate, hence why we call them the Premium range. Unlike other Cookie producers, we do not use completely inferior Chocolate, such as Chocolate Chips in our Cookies, as they are simply made from Compound Cooking Chocolate, not quality eating Chocolate like Dairy Milk, and do not produce anywhere near the same eating quality as Dairy Milk does.

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